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Top 10 secrets of happy people - #marketing #business

grey Top 10 secrets of happy people

Why some people are naturally happier than others?
Whatever be the circumstances they seem to adjust well and successfully search reasons for happiness. It’s not that they don’t suffer like others or that they never get sad in life. But they still look happier than others around them.
Do they know any secret? If yes, then what are the secrets of happy people?
You may have read many articles alluring you with secrets of happy people. So what’s different about this article? Every article presents the same thing in different words. Isn’t it?
I agree. But this article is different…
I am not going to preach anything here. I am not going to show black magic either. This article is written after my interaction with happier people from various strata of life. These are the people who feel pain like you and me, they live like we do, and they have also lost dear ones like you and me.

Some are Vice president or GM of the company, some are guys next door and some are earning less than you but still happier than you.
It feels like they may come from different backgrounds, but they know some common truth not know to rest of us.
So get ready to learn 10 secrets of happy people.

  1. Positive attitude
Truly happy people always carry a positive attitude towards life. They smile despite having problems in life. They understand one basic truth about life that “only dead people don’t have any problems”. This attitude helps them to live life fully.
Happy people understand that they are not the only person in world who is having problems. Everybody has his share of problems but still life can be fun. This kind of positive attitude helps them to bear life problems easily without getting overwhelmed by it.
So if you want to be happier change your mental attitude. This is always the number one on the list of secrets of happy people.
  1. They give happiness to others
Life is all about give and take. If you want to receive happiness first give happiness to others. More you spread happiness more you will receive.
World is like a mirror. If you smile at it you will get back smile and if you frown at it you will get back the same. Happy people know this secret. They are the harbinger of happiness.
They care for other people happiness. Their presence is infectious and they spread positive vibration wherever they go. They electrify the environment with their positive attitude and jolly nature.
Just remember the equation of happiness that happy people follow…
 If Happiness given to others = X;
Then Happiness received from others = 2X
So start giving happiness to others to receive more of it.
  1. Become social
Happy people naturally like the company of others. They enjoy their stay with different kind of people. They love to spend time with people of all ages. They take sincere efforts to understand the interests and liking of others.
Whether it’s a 3-year-old kid or an 80-year-old man they become equally comfortable with them.
They know the secret that “every person is unique and different and that’s why everyone can be interesting”.
  1. They celebrate every small moment of happiness
The greatest difference between a happy person and others is that they enjoy every small moment of happiness. They never postpone or save their celebrations for big events in life.
Unlike others they celebrate small moments of happiness. They never say that they would be happy once they will get that big house or big car or next promotion.
They know the secret that “small-small moment of happiness is what makes life grand and a celebration”.
  1. They enjoy their own company
You can’t enjoy others unless you enjoy yourself. If you respect and value yourself then only you would be happy internally. If you can love yourself then only you can truly love others.
Every day you spend a considerable amount of your time with most important person in your life.
Do you know who?
Yes, it’s you.
If you can enjoy yourself you can certainly enjoy life with others as well. Happy people are not narcissist. They just value everybody including themselves.
They know the simple secret that “if you can’t make yourself happy [you know yourself most, don’t you?] then how can you genuinely make others happy?”
  1. They are witty
You can’t enjoy life if you always remain serious. Happy people are naturally wittier than others. They see the fun in most serious things in life.
This doesn’t mean they make fun of the others. They understand the problems of others and just try to make situation lighter with their witty mind. This help to reduce the stress and prevent the situation from going out of control.
With their light-hearted take on life, they help to motivate others to face the problems without getting overwhelmed by it. They know that no amount of stress is going to solve the problem for you. Problems are solved by taking action and not by taking stress.
They know the life secret that “if you have guts to laugh at the problems than you certainly would have the guts to overcome the problems”.
I want you to just stick these secrets of happy people on your mirror so that you can see it daily.
  1. They invest in relationships
Happy people know the importance of the relationships. They know that the true joy come from living being and not from materialistic things. This doesn’t mean they hate money. They also relish the luxurious things in life, but they always prefer relationship over physical things.
They are not obsessed to possess things at the cost of their relationship with others. Happy people know that at the end of their life they want to see their family and friends rather than how much money they have in their bank account.
So, happy people invest time to build relationships that remain intact throughout their life. They know that secret that “after death you can life only in the memories of family & friends; not in your house or car”.
  1. They laugh from the  bottom of the heart
Have you ever seen a truly happy person laugh or smile? Or remember the incident when you truly felt happy from inside. When you truly smile or laugh it seems every part of your body is laughing.
When happy people laugh they don’t confine their laugh. They laugh freely and electrify the surrounding. Their laugh is contagious.
They know the secret that “a life fully lived is worth living & remembering”.
  1. They never wish wrong for others
Happy people never wish wrong for others. They always wish happiness and peace for others. They know that if you wish good for others, they would also do the same.
Because of their pure heart they don’t hate or feel jealous of others. This helps them to easily rejoice in the joy of others. They are really good people with blessings in their heart for everybody.
They follow the secret “live and let live others”.
10.  They adjust to the situation fast
Happy people are skillful at adjusting to the situation around them. They don’t regret long for things lost. They know that every new day bring new set of opportunities along with it.
Many times we regret the loss of our friends, old house, old car, our locality and so many other things. But happy people adjust to the situation fast. They quickly establish the new relations.
Because of their flexibility, they can search more reasons for happiness every day.
These are top 10 secrets of happy people. What’s your take on Point no 11?

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